• St Mark's Church, Menouf, Egypt
  • Christ the King, Tripoli
  • All Saint's Cathedral, Cairo, Egypt
  • The Deaf Church, Cairo
  • St Matthew's Church Addis Ababa
  • St Peter's Mission Centre, Matar
  • Church of the Saviour Mission Centre, Gambella
  • Harpur Memorial Hospital, Menouf, Egypt
The Egyptian Diocesan Association (EDA) has been reconstituted as FAPA - Friends of the Anglican Province of Alexandria. This change has been brought about by the recent creation of the new Province of Alexandria which includes the Dioceses of Egypt, North Africa, the Horn of Africa and Gambella. The FAPA website is www.fapa-egypt.org Friends of the Anglican Province of Alexandria www.fapa-egypt.org We look forward to your visit, Bishop Bill MusK, Chairman.

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The ministry and mission of the diocese find their focus in a region of crucial importance and global interest. Countries within the diocese include Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti. In the years since the EDA was formed this vast diocese has seen significant growth and transformation from what was essentially a “foreign” church towards a more truly indigenous church. Today’s “Anglican/Episcopal” church is growing numerically and providing its own leadership, plus embracing and humbly reflecting its origins in the story of the early Church. The recent forming of Episcopal areas has allowed healthy focus on different mission and ministry approaches in vastly different contexts.

The diocese remains conscious, however, of belonging to the wider communion and is especially grateful for the spiritual fellowship and material support which assists the diocese's continuing growth. Through charities such as the EDA, the diocese gains help in increasing its capacity for training future leaders to serve the needs of the people within its several parts, in spiritual life, health and education provision and in many kinds of welfare which proclaim the love of God.

EDA members enjoy special access to up-to-date information and the opportunity to participate, in a variety of practical and spiritual ways, in the life and work of the diocese. We hope our website will encourage you to give serious consideration to the privilege of supporting this work.

Bishop Bill

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