Study Visit to Egypt


 Day 1. To Cairo We meet at London Heathrow Airport for our EgyptAir flight MS778 to Cairo departing at 15:00 and arriving in Cairo at 20:40. Transfer to All Saints Garden Centre hotel in central Cairo.

Day 2. The Great Pyramid

This morning we visit the Great Pyramid, the only survivor of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and the Sphinx. Lunch nearby. Afternoon visit to the Cave Church of St Simon, the largest church in the Middle East, and Zabbaleen, a community on the outskirts of Cairo which lives from recycling the city’s refuse

Day 3. Meetings & Nile Cruise Dinner

We learn about the work supported by the Diocese including meeting with Bishop Mouneer: Refuge Egypt, a project started by teachers from All Saints’ Cathedral to help refugees, and EpiscoCare, dedicated to helping the poorest and most marginalised Egyptian communities. Lunch at the Diocesan Guest House. Dinner cruise on the Nile.

Day 4. Old Cairo 

We attend the 10:00 service at AllSaints’ Cathedral. Visit Coptic Cairo including the Hanging Church and the Church of Abu Serga, one of the oldest churches in Egypt and widely believed to be where the Holy Family stayed on arrival in Egypt. Lunch in Old Cairo. Afternoon visit to the famous colourful Khan el-Khalili Bazaar.

Day 5. Menouf & Alexandria

We drive to Menouf and the Harpur Memorial Hospital, a Christian charity hospital, where we meet some of the staff and hear about their work. Continue to Alexandria (packed lunch en route). Overnight stay at the Helnan Palestine Hotel by the sea.

Day 6. Anafora Retreat

Morning visit to the School of Theology. Lunch in Alexandria. Continue to Anafora Retreat and farm where we stay for one night.

Day 7. Egyptian Museum 

We return to Cairo and head back to All Saints’ Garden Centre Hotel. Lunch and visit to the renowned 19 century museum which contains over 120,000 of the world’s most extensive collection of pharaonic antiquities including these of Tutankhamun

Day 8. St Anthony’s Monastery 

We head out to the Monastery of St Anthony, founded in the 4th Century by disciples of one the earliest and most influential of hermits.  St Anthony is known as the Father of Monasticism and was a formative influence on Coptic Christianity.  A monk will guide us through the maze of churches and chapels to see the 12th Century wall paintings. Lunch here and return to Cairo.

Day 9. Home

Early morning departure for Cairo International Airport and our return EgyptAir flight MS777 departing at 09:10 and arriving back at London Heathrow at 13:35.

Visit organised jointly with

Tour Leaders 

EDA’s Committee member: Drs Peter LeFeuvre & Sara Montgomery.


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 Please note the itinerary may be subject to change due to local conditions.


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3 thoughts on “Study Visit to Egypt

  1. Welcome to Cairo! I’m on the Church Council of All Saints Cathedral, where I worship with the English speaking congregations, Fridays at 10.00 a.m. and/or Sundays at 10.30 a.m. I’m greatly looking forward to your worshiping with us on DAY 4 of your visit in Feb. 2018. We had a superb church retreat at Anafora (on the desert road between Cairo and Alexandria) on Friday November 13, 2017. So glad you’ll be visiting Anafora! You will love its spaciousness, its various beautiful fields and its wholesome atmosphere. I would have liked to be part of your group during your visit to Egypt, but my duties at University prevent this. (I belong to the English Department of Ain Shams University, in Abbasia, Cairo, teaching English Literature, as well as translation and also Irish Literature in English.) You’ll probably pass by the main campus of our University several times during your visit, since it is situated on one of the main routes in Cairo. The main building on our campus used to be a guest palace of ex-King Farouk (our last king), where several world leaders and prominent overseas figures were hosted during his time. That building, still retaining its charm (and even its botanical name,Za’afaran), is now the elegant headquarters of the University, boasting not only spacious all-purpose halls, but also several elegant offices, including those of the Rector and several Vice Rectors. When our English Department hosted an international conference on Irish Literature some years ago, the opening and closing sessions of that Conference (known as IASIL,Cairo) took place in that building.
    Again, a very warm welcome! May your time in Egypt be blessed, and most enjoyable.

    • Thank you Dr Massoud for your warm and kind welcome which I’ll make available and pass on to the group leader Dr Peter LeFuevre who is also a member of the EDA committee
      Grace and peace

      Joseph Wasef
      EDA Hon. Secretary

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