Annual Gathering in St Michaels, Chester Square

The EDA annual gathering was held again at St Michaels and we welcomed Archdeacon Rajan from Gambella (Ethiopia) who previously worked in Tripoli also. 

Some beautiful music was provided by Hilary Musk at the start and leading hymns in the service at which Bishop Bill Musk and Archdeacon Rajan presided and led.

The service was followed by a standup/sitting tasty lunch expertly prepared by members with plenty of fellowship and renewal of aquaintances, new and longstanding.

Phillip Southby(past Chairman EDA)read a message from Bishop Mounir which was followed by a short video and talk from Archdeacon Rajan from Gambella. This was followed by a most interesting question and answer session where he took questions covering Gambella, and also North Africa and Egypt.

In the short formal meeting 9 trustees were voted or revoted in, in accordance with the new constitution on which Dr Peter LeFeuvre had brought about. Sibella Laing in her report appealed for ideas to promote new membership.

The meeting closed in prayer.

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