Annual Gathering June 2020

Sincere thanks to all those who managed to join us for the 2-hour period. It was lovely to see everyone! It was also frustrating not to be able to properly greet one another, chat and catch up on so many things! Many thanks to Canons Andy and Richard who got us “remotely” together and managed the mechanics of the meeting etc.

For those who were unable to “attend”, the first hour of the time together was spent in conversation with Archbishop Mouneer and Bishop Samy. It was very stimulating and humbling to listen to them speak about current joys and challenges in the diocese – and to learn of the successful process towards the inauguration of the Episcopal/Anglican Province of Alexandria (fulfilled in May 2020). We congratulated them heartily on the formation of the Province, on Bishop Mouneer’s becoming Primate of the new Province (until his retirement in 2021) and Bishop Samy’s election as Coadjutor Bishop. We learned that there will be a five year period of transition for the appointment of diocesan bishops and the establishment of new diocesan structures to occur. We also felt the pain and sadness of the ongoing pressure from the PCE to subsume the Episcopal/Anglican church in Egypt under its own authority and the need for success in persuading the Egyptian Government to recognise the integrity of the Episcopal/Anglican Church in Egypt (including also the formation of the new Province and Bishop Samy’s election). We had a taste of Bishop Samy’s vision for the diocese in the months ahead as he increasingly gives leadership in diocesan matters. You will find attached to this email, along with the Minutes, a brief summary of Bishop Samy’s qualifications and vision. Thank you for your continuing prayers for the diocese, her leaders, people, churches and their hugely different situations.

The second hour of our meeting together comprised our AGM. My grateful thanks to Secretary Michael for enabling that to run so smoothly and to Trustee Peter for guiding us so clearly in important resolutions that will define our relationship with the new Episcopal/Anglican Province of Alexandria. As you will see, members present unanimously agreed to support the whole Province going forward; to change our name from Egypt Diocesan Association to Friends of the Anglican Province of Alexandria; to make relevant alterations to our Constitution in order to accommodate such change. Thank you to all those present and for the prayers of those not able to participate.

We look forward to exciting, if challenging, days ahead as we seek to grow our Charity and the support it might afford to an expanding and strategic diocese/now province!

Thank you for your continuing prayers and love.
In Him,
(Bishop Bill) Rt Rev Dr Bill Musk “

Bishop Samy
Bridget Davidson Judth Spencer Gregson Peter Leuvre


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