Annual meeting and reunion, pictures and messages.

An enjoyable reunion with new and long standing friends. After Holy Communion, followed by a delicious meal, Bishop Samy gave a most interesting resume of the history of Christianity in Egypt starting from St Mark, early Saints, early evangilisation and the present state of affairs in Egypt, North Africa and Ethiopia/Horn of Africa.

Bishop Samy at st Michaels Belgravia annual gathering of the Egyptian Diocese Association

Bishop Samy and Adel


Marion after wonderful preparation of lunch


Bishop Bill Musk in discussion

Early Saints AD100-400

Sibella in discussion with members

The Ladies prepared a delicious lunch.

Bishop Mouneer sent this message

Constant objective over the last 150 years

Statement from Canon Gairdner, in 1924, one of founder members of The Diocese in Egypt

The Hon Treasurer in discussion

Hillary Musk and Canon Phillip Cousins

Statement from the founder of CMS – – Venn ( he was previously vicar in the ‘Clapham Sect’, set up to abolish slavery which included William Wilberforce.

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