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It is a great joy to announce the appointments of the Rt. Rev. Kuan Kim Seng as an Area Bishop for the Horn of Africa (interim) and Rev. Rajan Vincent Jacob as an Archdeacon of Gambela, within the Horn of Africa Episcopal Area. Please pray for them, that the Lord may use them for the expansion of his Kingdom in this important region.

Yours in Christ,

The Rt. Rev Kuan Kim Seng

I. Bishop Kuan Kim Seng, Commissary Bishop for The Horn of Africa Episcopal Area
Bishop Kuan Kim Seng is the recently retired Assistant Bishop of the Diocese of Singapore. His previous ecclesial responsibilities included an extended period of service as the Dean of St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Singapore. He was also the Diocesan Director of Missions. When asked to share something about his personal life, he said that he is eternally grateful to God for the fact that a classmate brought him to an after-school Christian meeting when he was 16. That was when he surrendered his life to Jesus the Messiah. He said that God has blessed him beyond what he could ask or think, not least in the blessed gift of a wonderful wife, Ai Mai, and four boisterous grandsons!
When I invited him to be the Area Bishop of the Horn of Africa, he said he would prefer to be called a “Commissary Bishop” because he wants to work on my behalf and fulfill the vision of the Diocese. I have known Bishop Kuan since 2005. He is a man of God, who is humble, and with a clear vision. The Gospel mission is deeply-seated in his heart. I am very grateful that he accepted my invitation.

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