Dear Friends and Family,

Centre of Love for the Disabled and Chronically Ill
Moquattam Garbage Village (MGV), Cairo

“How come we get to stay for only 2 days?” pouted Martha, “last year you promised us more!”

All of the 10 young Moms expressed the same sentiment. This was the first time in at least a year that they had been able to swim, have someone else caring for their disabled kids and talk to other moms and staff about the problems they face. Here is a picture of some of them with me.

God was so good to us at the camps this year! After you all prayed, we only had 2 more evenings of black outs. A record number attended the 5 camps, including 75 mentally and/or physically disabled kids and 91 chronically ill adults. We also had more volunteers than usual and the sense of harmony between them was really beautiful. Our speakers were great, and I was especially happy that one of them was Ramez!

Would you take a minute right now to thank the Lord for all His blessings to us? He is truly a prayer-responding God.

A big challenge and joy lies ahead of us this summer as 24 Intervarsity Christian Fellowship students will come to minister at the MGV, living at the Center of Love for 5 weeks. We also will have a small group doing a course for moms and future teachers of kids with Cerebral Palsy. So it will be a very eventful and busy summer and, again, many power shortages are forecasted for the next few months. Prayers are needed!

Deeply grateful for your love and prayers

Ramez & Rebecca Atallah

Ramez and Rebecca Atallah