Good News from el Kanater

Good News from el Kanater

Did you know….

Each week, members of the Diocese of Egypt visit primarily foreign inmates at el Kanater Prison on the outskirts of Cairo. In Alexandria, the ministry works primarily with Egyptians and supports both inmates and their Families.

Prison Ministry .... Why

“He has sent me … to proclaim freedom for the captives and release darkness for the prisoners” (Isaiah 61: 1 NIV)


Because prison authorities do not provide all of the needs of the prisoners, most seek help from their families. For those who do not have local friends, the church must be their family. The Prison Ministry team addresses basic material needs by providing food, medicine, clothing, and blankets, as well as offering encouragement and a listening ear. But…

Who are the Prisoners

The El Kanater Prison Fellowship men’s group comprises inmates from India, South Sudan, Belgium, China, Colombia, Cameroon, Sudan, Peru, Nigeria, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Uganda, Cote D’Ivoire, Seychelles, South Korea, UK, Russia, U.S.A, and Cyprus. The women’s fellowship includes participants from England, Senegal, Venezuela, Colombia, India, Kenya, Uganda, Peru, Bolivia, Eritrea, New Zeeland, Brazil, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Jordan, Lebanon and South Sudan. These prisoners are in prison for a number of reasons. Some (147) have been imprisoned under a variety of criminal charges, while some (303) simply because they do not have a visa. Many struggle to obtain legal counsel and advocate for themselves because of language barriers and corruption in the justice system.


Good News from el Kanater

Good News from el Kanater

During the past few months, 10 men and 2 women have been released. The Prison Ministry team helped one of these men with the money (around LE 11,000) for his ticket to travel back to his country. 

A Girl of two years old got baptised during the most recent visit, around Christmas, which was very encouraging and brought joy to us in the In other joyful news, a woman who had been sentenced to death had her sentence changed to imprisonment only, after resumption.

Some of the prisoners have been so moved by the fellowship that they want to stay in the prison. They describe their time there as transformative, because they have come to know Jesus Christ. Several have expressed to the Prison Ministry team that they do not want to be released and return to their old ways. In prison, they have found new life, and they are grateful to have been sent to Kanater prison.

Prayers Request

  • As mentioned above, a young girl got baptised during the visit, but her mother – who carries a Nigerian passport – needs a lot of prayer, as she suffers from a mental health issue that has caused her to abandon her daughter; as a result, the young girl is being raised by a Muslim Pray that God heals her and she experiences his love, and that this family is able to be brought back together.
  • Please pray for the leaders, that God gives them strength to continue to help the
  • Please pray for the prisoners who have been recently released, that they won’t return to their problems, and that they keep walking with
  • Please pray for those who don’t know God yet and still in prison, that they receive God’s
  • Please pray for funds to provide for food, medicine clothing and occasional help with travel cost for returning to their countries



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