history-further-reading The following books provide more detailed insights into various aspects of the content of these history pages. Credits to the original authors for quotations from any of these books used in this website.

Nile Harvest Brian de Saram (Bourne Press 1992) This book attempts to provide the Episcopal Churches in Egypt and the Sudan with a strong historical foundation on which to build for the future, and a clear sense of purpose to establish the Kingdom of God among the peoples of the Nile Valley.

Cathedral on the Nile Arthur Burrell (Amate Press 1984) A short history of All Saints Cathedral set within the framework of Egyptian history. The first chapter, origins and foundation, gives the background; the final chapters by Bishop Cragg

Temple Gairdner of Cairo Constance Padwick (SPCK 1928; 2nd Edition 1930) Covers the period from 1899, when Temple Gairdner first lived in Egypt up to his death in 1928, the early work of missionaries and the later work and life of Temple Gairdner himself. Obtainable from CMS Library.

D M Thornton a Study in Missionary Ideals & Methods W H Temple Gairdner (Hodder & Stoughton 1908) Covers the period from 1898 when D M Thornton first lived in Egypt to his death in 1907, the early work of the missionaries in that period.

Christianity in the land of the Pharaohs: The Coptic Orthodox Church Jill Kamil (Routledge 2002, originally published by AUC Press) Approximately 10% of people in Egypt belong to the Coptic faith. See also the web page of the Coptic Pope which includes the very early history of the time of the Holy Family in Egypt.

The Story Of The Church of Egypt (1897)in two volumes: By Mrs Edith  Louisa  Butcher (Nee Floyer.)

Things Seen In Egypt (1910) By Mrs E L Butcher

Egypt As We Knew It. (1911)  By Mrs E L Butcher

Hebrew Religion: Its Origin and Development W O E Oesterley and Theodore H Robinson (first published SPCK, 1933 – digital reprint Kessinger Publishing, 2003)

A Test of Time – The Bible from myth to history David M Rohl (Arrow Books 1996) A detailed account of the research backed up with 300 references.

Archaeology in the Holy Land Kathleen Kenyon (1960  Ernest Benn)

Digging up Jericho Kathleen Kenyon (1957 Ernest Benn)

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