Bishop Llewellyn Gwnne 1920-1946
Llewellyn Gwnne

Bishop Ishaq Mussaad 1974-1978

Ishaq Mussaad

Grant LeMarquand, Area Bishop, Horn of Africa 2012 to date

Grant LeMarquand
Area Bishop, Horn of Africa
2012 to date

Bishop Geoffrey Allen 1947-1952
Geoffrey Allen

Bishop Ghais Abdel Malik 1983-2000

Ghais Abdel Malik

Bishop Dr Mouneer Hanna Anis 2000 to date

Mouneer Hanna Anis
2000 to date

Bishop Francis Johnston 1952-1958
Francis Johnston

Bishop Andrew Proud Area Bishop, Horn of Africa 2007-2011

Andrew Proud
Area Bishop, Horn of Africa

Bishop Kenneth Cragg 1970-1974
Kenneth Cragg

Bill Musk, Area Bishop, North Africa 2008 to date

Bill Musk
Area Bishop, North Africa
2008 – 2016

In 1920, the Diocese of Egypt and the Sudan was created with Bishop Llewelyn Gwynne as its Bishop. He was mainly responsible for the building of All Saints’ Cathedral on the banks of the Nile. Bishop Gwynne ordained the first four Egyptian pastors of the Church, including Girgis Bishai, and Adeeb Shammas. The Cathedral on the Nile became an important centre for many of the British forces during the second world war, attracted by the inspiring sermons of Bishop Gwynne who retired in 1946.

The diocese of Egypt separated from Sudan and Bishop Gwynne was succeeded in Egypt by Bishop Geoffrey Allen (1947-52), then Bishop Francis Johnston (1952-58) who was followed by Bishop Kenneth Cragg (1970-74). Other leaders included Archdeacons Adeeb Shammas and Ishaq Musaad, and the latter was appointed Bishop in 1974.

The Cathedral had to make way for a new bridge over the Nile in 1978. A new design by Dr Awad Kamil Fahmi in the form of a lotus flower was built in Zamalek, adjacent to the Marriott Hotel. Bishop Ghais Abdel Malik, formerly pastor in Old Cairo was appointed Bishop in 1983 and he was succeeded by Bishop Dr Mouneer Anis in 2000.

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