Advent Greetings

Advent is a period of “waiting” – looking for the coming of Christ as Child and King. We are very aware, in the Egypt Diocesan Association, of waiting …

  • in Egypt, with Bishop Mouneer in his leadership and striving for clarification of the Diocese’s relationship with the Protestant Council that is currently claiming oversight before the Egyptian government of Anglican ministry.
  • in the Horn of Africa, with the recent departures of both Dr Johann & Lousie Vanderbijl and Bishop Grant & Dr Wendy LeMarquand for serious health reasons and the consequent need for an episcopal leader for the Area and a director for the St Frumentius campus of the Alexandria School of Theology.
  • in North Africa, with Bishop Samy getting to know and give episcopal oversight in delicate and changing church scenes, especially with the development of indigenous congregations and the building of the St Cyprian centre.
  • in the diocese as a whole, with those caught up in warfare, targeted acts of terrorism, insecurity, flight as refugees, the search for economic betterment and associated risks of trafficking, persecution as new believers, fragmented families, poverty, health needs.

In the Advent waiting, may we respond to the whispers of the Holy Spirit concerning God’s presence through his Son in our human midst, discern him in one another and will to follow our Lord in his service to a needy world. In Scripture, “Good News” is announced just as much in the waiting as in the fulfilling. Think, for example, of the angel’s words to Mary: ‘You will be with child and give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus. He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High’ (Luke 1:31-32).

Advent greetings to all.


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