New Area Bishop for North Africa

Bishop Samy Fawzy Shehata

 a letter from Archbishop Mouneer 

Appointment of a New Area Bishop for North Africa

 Dear Friends,

I am happy to let you know that I have appointed The Very Reverend Dr Samy Fawzy Shehata, the Dean of St Mark Pro-Cathedral Alexandria, as the new Area Bishop of North Africa. We have received the approval of the majority of the Provincial Synod of Jerusalem and The Middle East for this appointment. Dean Samy will be the second Area Bishop of North Africa, after Bishop Bill Musk.

Dean Samy will be based in Alexandria and will travel to the churches in North Africa when needed. Dean Samy is a very experienced priest who is well acquainted with the Diocese, its churches and institutions, the Province, and the whole Anglican Communion. He has represented the Diocese in many international conferences and he currently represents our Province in the Anglican-Oriental Orthodox dialogue. He serves as a member in various boards in the Diocese of Egypt: the Executive, financial, and literature Boards. He is also a member of Beet El-Ela Dialogue with Al- Azhar and co-Secretary to the Egypt Council of Churches.

He was ordained in 1990 and assisted the Bishop Ghais Abd El Malek from 1994 to 1998, and has led a team of ministers since 2002 in Alexandria. He taught at Alexandria school of Theology since 2005. He was appointed Dean of St. Mark’s Pro-Cathedral in 2009 and Principal
of Alexandria School of Theology 2013.


Doctorate in Theology, (ThD) University of Birmingham 2002.

Master of Theology, (MA) University of Birmingham 1998.

Diploma in Theology, University in Wales 1991

BSc. Electrical Engineering, Cairo University 1985


Dean Samy is married to Madeleine and has two sons studying at university, Rafik and Rami. He will be consecrated on Monday the 27th of February 2017 at All Saints Cathedral in Cairo.

Please pencil in this date to pray for Dean Samy as he takes on this new responsibility and you are able to attend, that would be brilliant.

+ Mouneer Egypt

The Most Rev. Dr. Mouneer Hanna Anis

Archbishop of the Episcopal / Anglican Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa

Primate of the Episcopal / Anglican Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East


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