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Gambella Update
We thank God for the privilege of having been a part of the story of His work in, and His love for the people of Gambella and the Horn of Africa.

We are delighted to share with you the wonderful news of a new bishop appointed to help in the oversight of this remarkable region. Bishop Mouneer has appointed Bishop Kuan Kim Seng (retired Assistant Bishop of the Diocese of Singapore) as Commissar Bishop for the Horn of Africa for the Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa (interim). Bishop Mouneer has appointed the Rev Rajan Vincent Jacob as Archdeacon for Gambella. May God’s blessings be upon them and upon all they serve!

It is wonderful to know that the church is alive and well in Gambella!

We’d like to share with you excerpts from some of the letters we have received from Gambella during the interim time between our leaving Gambella, and the appointment of the new bishop.

Letters from Gambella

From Rev Jeremiah Maet Paul, professor of African Religion and Director of Field studies, St Frumetius Anglican Theological College:

“…We never cease praying for you especially mama since you left Ethiopia. You are so dear to us and you are in our thoughts and prayers always.
Our Tuesday & Thursday Healing and Deliverance Ministry [at St Luke’s Church, Gambella Town] is growing from grace to grace.
God’s move is so real here and [many] are coming to Church to receive healing from God. God [is] changing many lives through this Ministry. Gastric sicknesses [healed] … Demons are casted out, Alcoholics are set free, paralyzed healed.. and many more.
May the Lord bless you both…”

From Chris Wilson, professor of Biblical Studies, St Frumentius College
..”.the students’ exams were excellent. It was encouraging to read essays which demonstrated that they are growing in their understanding and making progress…

…Chris had a chance to go and help Pastor Jeremiah lead
a conference at a Nuer Church in Itang. Itang is a place where local ethnic tensions are often at their highest, and so Chris and Jeremiah were both encouraged when students from four different ethnic groups responded to the invitation to come along as a prayer team….

…the Baptists have approached us and would like [us] to train their pastors (they claim they have 40 Anuak churches in the Gambella region). We’ve agreed we’ll take 2 next year if they pass the English course and more the following year if the partnership is a success….

…..We also had a review of the college … which was encouraging and has provided us with some helpful targets. Bishops Mouneer and Samy also came and were very encouraging about the college….”

From the head of the Po [Opo] Bible Translation team:

“…Over the past three weeks they have drafted the first three chapters of Genesis. In the coming weeks and months they plan to finish the first eleven chapters of Genesis (which can be published as a single coherent unit), and then probably do a gospel before returning to finish Genesis…

Akʼʉ́pkáy Hwar hʉ́kʼʉ́ pumáwʉs gʉ kʼʉ́pɨ́kʼócʼó.
At-beginning God formed heaven and earth.

…We enjoyed reconnecting with some of the Po in Gambella, and it was encouraging for us that they were so quick to come visit us. Our first Sunday here, we received a phone call from Moses and they arranged for Moses to drop by after church. When we welcomed Moses and his friend into our screened porch, I set about making tea for them. Upon bringing out the tea, I discovered two more had joined, and quickly poured the extra cups. A few minutes later we had a hurried conversation in the kitchen about hosting them for lunch, although the only conveniently available food we had in the house was 10 eggs. [By this time] there were now five Po on our porch….”

In Other News…

From Gambella:
We are delighted to hear of two new churches established in Gambella town – one a plant from St Barnabas Church (Anuak) and one from St Luke’s Church (Nuer).

Please join us in praying for peace in Gambella following a recent re-flare of ethnic violence.

From Ethiopia:
We are so thankful to hear of the excellent work of Ethiopia’s new Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, in office since April 2, 2018

We are so thankful for the exemplary work of Rev Roger Kay, rector of St Matthew’s Church, Addis Ababa, who served as Vicar General for Bishop Mouneer, frequently visiting and encouraging the work in Gambella during the interim between bishops.

From South Sudan:
We are thankful to hear that steps towards lasting peace are continuing. The peace treaty between the warring factions in South Sudan, signed this past September, is continuing to hold.

From Grant and Wendy:
It is wonderful for Grant to be back at Trinity School for Ministry for this year, serving as Visiting Professor of New Testament while Professor Wes Hill is on sabbatical.

In May, Wendy was awarded an honorary Doctor of Sacred Letters by Wycliffe College in Toronto in recognition of the work Wendy did in training Mothers Union members in Gambella to teach basic health to women around the region.

This January Grant will be taking a group of Trinity theological students to Egypt where they will be visiting and contributing to the work of the diocese there.

Thank you so very much for your many prayers for Wendy’s health. The lung infection that she acquired in Gambella is one that, according to the medical literature, is essentially resistant (life-long) after (as in her case) three unsuccessful attempts to clear it with antibiotics. In spite of this, Wendy’s respirologist declared her free of this infection several months ago. We continue to pray that the extensive damage in her lungs, and the ongoing bone fractures will also heal.

We thank God for the ways we can continue to serve this region through intercession and financial support. If you wish to join us in this, donations can be made to FADE (Friends of the Anglican Diocese of Egypt) on line at or by mail at 2104 Ridge Road, Raleigh, NC 27607. Thank you so very much for your wonderful partnership in this.

With our love and with prayer

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