After the formation of EDA the support of the diocese was largely dependent on expatriates who had returned and through their continued giving – both regular donations as well as in response to specific appeals or projects. However, in the ensuing years the number of British expatriates in Egypt and the region has declined while the size of the diocese has increased, and its vigorous involvement in serving God’s children in Egypt, North Africa and the Horn of Africa has led to identifying more and greater needs for support in prayers and resources, both financial and manpower, throughout the diocese.

The EDA executive committee realised that it was essential to respond to these challenges and adapt to these changes by developing different approaches in order to gain support for the diocese by encouraging more friends, churches and Christian institutions to partner with EDA in supporting the diocese.  If you would like to know more about partnering with EDA read our Partnership Guidelines or contact the Secretary for more information.

Click on the names and images below to find out more about some of our current partners.

 St Matthew’s Croydon

St Matthew's Church Croydon

St Matthew’s Croydon has longstanding links with the diocese and for many years has supported St Matthew’s Church in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. They are also partnering with EpiscoCare.

St Bene’t’s, Cambridge

St Bene't's Church Cambridge

St Bene’t’s, Cambridge provides support to the wider range of ministries in the diocese.

Christ Church, Southend


Supporting the churches and ministries in Gambella, Ethiopia

St Mary’s Kings Worthy


Supporting the overall work of  the diocese.


Micah 6:8

Micah68 is supporting the Prison Ministry at Kanateer Prison in Cairo.

Emmanuel Church, Croydon

Emmanuel Church Croydon

Emmanuel Church, Croydon is partnering with EpiscoCare in particular to support the “I Am Not Alone” programme.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

Supporting the churches and ministries throughout the diocese

St Andrew’s, Chippenham


Supporting the work of the diocese and the EDA.

St Mary’s, Woburn

St Mary's Woburn

St Mary’s Woburn partners with the Menara School for children with special needs in Menouf  and they also support Rev Adel Shokralla who serves at St Michael’s and All Angels Church in Heliopolis, Cairo.

Christ Church, Bedford


Supporting the Harpur Memorial Hospital in Menouf, Egypt.

Christ Church, Esher


Supporting the Alexandria School of Theology and other ministries in the diocese.

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

Ravi Zacharias Ministries International

RZIM exists to communicate the gospel and engage meaningfully with heartfelt objections and concerns about Christianity in a manner relevant to contemporary society – and seeks to equip Christians to do likewise.


All Souls, Langham Place

All Souls, Langham Place

Partnering with EpiscoCare in particular to support the Youth Centre project at the new Community Development Centre in Ezbet el Nakhl and other ministries in the episcopal area of North Africa.

St Peter in Eastgate


Supporting the churches and ministries throughout the diocese