Members visiting children's ministry in Egypt

Members visiting children’s ministry in Egypt

Supporting visits to ministries - the Kanateer Prison Ministry

EDA supporters with the Kanateeer Prison Ministry

Forming a partnership with EDA and the Diocese offers organisations and groups the opportunity to contribute to projects that are having a transformational effect on the lives of people across Egypt, North Africa and the Horn of Africa. Faced with the daunting challenge of making Christ known and showing God’s love across this area, the churches of the diocese have developed a range of outward-focused ministries that serve Christians and Muslims alike, ministering to spiritual, economic, educational and healthcare needs, with a special focus on the poorest and most disadvantaged communities.

The work of the diocese currently encompasses everything from church planting in the remote Gambella region of Ethiopia, through to supporting Tunisians who are able to publicly avow their Christian faith for the first time in the wake of the Arab Spring, via literacy classes and micro-finance schemes for women from poor Egyptian neighbourhoods. There are also a wide range of community development, social, medical and educational ministries and project.  You can explore the ministries in the Diocese here and discover for yourself the rich variety of partnership opportunities.

Rev Steve Nuth from St Mary's Woburn at the Menara Special Needs School

Rev Steve Nuth (St Mary’s Woburn) at Menara Special Needs School

Partner churches and organisations can have a part in this exciting and life-changing work by linking up with EDA to create partnerships with specific ministries and projects – community centres, literacy classes, medical care, schools, work with refugees, people suffering drug addiction, and prisoners. EDA will identify current needs that match the interests of the partnering church / organisation, provide regular updates on what is happening both in individual projects and across the diocese, facilitate visits and talks by visiting members of the diocese, and channel financial gifts and donations received from partners and fundraisers (EDA is a registered charity in the UK).

Each of our partners is encouraged to “adopt” projects that match the interests of their congregation/membership, and to develop personal connections through visits and exchanging information, photos, art and craft, etc.

We ask partners to make a commitment to pray regularly for the diocese, to promote and publicise its work (primarily through newsletters distributed by EDA) and to consider supporting projects financially either by fundraising or making gifts.

We are also keen to build and maintain a strong network of individual supporters who have personal connections with the Diocese and hope partner churches will encourage members of their congregation to become individual members of EDA and take a lead in developing the relationship between their church and the diocese.

To explore how your organisation can partner with EDA please