• Pray for the preparation and the gathering of the Diocesan’s Synod (4-7 May)
  • Pray for the preparation of joint congregation Easter services in all the Diocesan Churches



  • Pray for, expatriates, their families, and local clergies and leaders along with all Egyptian as they face growing threat from terrorists.

All Saints Cathedral, Cairo

  • Pray for the Egyptian, English, Sudanese and Burmese congregations of the Cathedral, and their times of prayer and fasting during Lent.
  • Pray for the Cathedral as it hosts the Diocesan Synod during first week of May
  • Pray for the preparation and the celebration of Easter; Western 5th April and Eastern 12th April

 St. John the Baptist, Maadi:

  • Pray for the preparation of joint congregation Easter services, for decisions around Eastern/Western calendars and for confirmations, baptisms and blessings for leadership. And the plans to rebuild the church kitchen.
  • Pray for the new deacon for the Egyptian congregation Revd Hani Samir who comes from the sister church in Suez.
  • The second home group-led by Ian and Jane Macaulay in our new English ministry area ‘The Upper Room’. Please pray for the flourishing of these new outgrowths. Also pray for our brothers and sisters in Libya and in the Sinai.


St. Michael and All Angels, Heliopolis

  • pray for the large construction project in Ezbet al-Nakhl where our 5-floor church building is being totally renovated.
  • Pray for our Sudanese priest Revd Hassan Osman as he travels to Sudan, to be installed as the Assistant Bishop for Kadugli and the Nuba Mountains. Pray for him and his children for this major change, especially as they lost their wife and mother just a few weeks ago.
  • Pray also for the chaplain of Abp Ezekiel of Sudan, who will become the priest in St. Michael and All Angels church in Heliopolis. This is a major cultural change for him.
  • For the preparation for the Sudanese summer conference to outreach 250 families to integrate them into the church family
  • Pray for the preparation for the opening of the Sudanese Primary school
  • For Revd Adel Shokralla who leads the Arabic speaking congregation and his wife Claire and their children Emma and Andrew
  • For our Arabic congregation as they journey together through lent looking at what prayer is.
  • Pray for the newly formed mission committee, for insight and wisdom and courage to encourage the church in mission.
  • For the couple from congregation who were sent to Iraq and the lady who was sent to China.


Holy Trinity, Algeria

  • Pray for Revd Hamdi and his wife Yvonne as they sort out the education of their son Evan in Algeria
  • Easter celebration with the largely student congregation, growing relationships with members of the diplomatic and business communities together with careful encouragement of national members of Holy Trinity
  • Pray for positive relations with the Ministry of Religious Affairs, other government officials, the Roman Catholic Hierarchy that help give stability and security to Revd Hamdy in his ministry
  • For an end to negotiations with the British government about ownership/refurbishment of properties on the church site that will eventually give a good base for extended ministry from Holy Trinity


St George’s Church, Tunis

  • Pray for progress with gaining permission to demolish/build that will bring to fruition the St. Cyprian Centre on the church site
  • Pray for God’s grace in St. George’s discovering itself a very different church from one year ago refocusing its vision and ministry after losing most of its congregation as a result of the African Development Bank’s relocation
  • For greater participation and responsibility for the Arabic speaking congregation in the infrastructure and leadership of the church
  • Pray for Revd Peter Knight and his wife Christine And Revd David Rizkalla and his wife Bassma as they give more leadership to both English and Arabic speaking congregations

Christ the King, Tripoli

  • Pray for safety and security for clergy and families (Revd Vasihar and Malini, Revd Ayo and Rosemary, Joshua and Nathaniel) and members of the congregation
  • Pray for the emergence of securities and legitimate government for the country
  • Pray for arrangements with authorities, plus transport and safety for church representatives to get to the Diocesan Synod in Cairo in May
  • Wisdom in the complex arrangements concerning Revd Ayo’s family, presently in Italy with the need to sort out education, plus a visit to families in Nigeria



  • For ongoing support to pay for programmes, salaries, Bibles, hymn books, new churches, and for buildings for St Frumentius’ Anglican Theological College on the Gambella Anglican Centre compound  For the right teachers to come and teach at St Frumentius’ and for the right students to come and learn  That churches may continue to grow in their ability to take financial responsibility for the life of their churches  For true peace in South Sudan  For the many refugees in the Diocese


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