Prayers Cycle



Continue praying for Abp Mouneer as he leads the Diocese of Egypt, North Africa and Horn of Africa in addition the province of Jerusalem and the Middle East while presiding over the Anglican Global South

Pray for funds to be raised in time to complete planned projects

Revd. Jos Strengholt  at St. Michael  and All  Angels, Heliopolis, Cairo Revd. Jos Strengholt

November: Pray that we will be able to finish the year financially healthy, we struggle as our Sudanese church has grown to over 1100 members.

December: Pray for our plans to purchase a new church building for our Sudanese community. This is a major challenge for us.

January: Pray that we will find a new Egyptian Priest to lead our Egyptian congregations.

February: Pray for the preparations for a summer cam that we organise for about fifty Egyptian kids from our church and beyond.

Holy Trinity, Algiers

Revd.  Drew Schmotzer  (Locum)Rev Drew Schmozer 

November: For Revd Drew Schmotzer as he ministers at Holy Trinity, Algiers after the departure of Revd Hamdy.

December: Arrangements to work out for Revd Gus to arrive, be granted a residence visa and take up leadership of Holy Trinity, Algiers.

January: Encouragement of national members of Holy Trinity in their growing in faith and training for leadership.

 February: Completion of the agreement between the Diocese and FCO that will allow the redevelopment an use for ministry of the building on the church site.

St. George’s, Tunis

November: For Bill and Hilary Musk as they begin their retirement after seven years at St. George’s church. Bill-and-Hilary ap2014

December: For the practical outworking of the vision meeting back in October.

January: Smooth progress in the legal and practical aspects of building the proposed St. Cyprian Centre on the church site.

February: For the elected government and for security in the country.


Christ the King, Tripoli

November: For safety for church members, especially those who travel to Tripoli for services each Friday.

December: Clear guidance for the future ministry of both Revd Vasihar and Revd Ayo, both now need to move away from Tripoli to be closer to/more accessible for needy family members.

January: For the country of Libya to come to its sense1 and agree a way forward.

February: For the longer term ministry of Christ the King and for its involvement with economic migrants, refugees and those trafficked.

The Horn of Africa

Bishop Grant & Dr WendyPray for Bishop Grant and Dr Wendy LeMarquand who also asked for prayers

  • For our full time and part time students of St Frumentius’ Anglican Theological College 
  • For our newest refugee camp churches in Jewi, Pinyadu 2, and Sorre
  • For Stehen Munye and Simor Taidor to be odained deacon
  • With thanks for the recent Trauma Healing workshop and Inner Healing teams
  • For the dedication of St Frumentius’ Anglican Theological College and the blessing of the chapel  by Archbishop Mouneer to take place November 24, 2015
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