Study Visit of Egypt

Dear Friends

We (EDA & CMS) are delighted to be able to invite you on a unique study tour of Egypt. This is not just an pportunity to see the gems of this colourful country – the Nile, the ancient bazaars of Cairo, the Pyramids and other extraordinary treasures of Pharaonic times. It is also a chance to see something of the life and witness of Egyptian Christians, proudly present in this country since the time of the birth of Christ, and how they see their place as a minority in this country today.

Our visits will not only be limited to the ancient Holy places, such as the 4th century church known as Abu Serga, where the Holy Family were said to have stayed on the flight into Egypt and St Anthony’s monastery (born 251 AD), reputed to be the world’s oldest. More importantly we will be meeting today’s Christians and learning about their faith and service, and share in some of their worship. In Alexandria, we will visit the St Athanasius Campus of the School of Theology where ordinands and lay people are trained to serve in the Anglican Church and beyond. In Cairo we will worship in the Cathedral and experience the work and outreach of the Diocese, as well as visiting the community of garbage pickers (Zabbaleen) who worship in a cave church with a capacity for 20,000 people.

Egypt always seems to be in the news, often because of political unrest or attacks on local Christians. Our visit will give us an opportunity to understand the lives of Christians in Egypt and their relationships with their Muslim neighbours, and to be able to give focus to our prayers for them, their country and the wider Middle East. Do come and join us. And do consider joining the Egypt Diocesan Association and supporting the work of the Diocese.

In addition to local guides there are two EDA tour leaders accompanying you from the time you depart until your return Dr Peter LeFeuvre who is an executive committee member of EDA and his wife Dr Sarah Montgomery, Peter & Sarahboth are UK GPs in active clinical practice, CMS Mission Associates. Both spent 4 years as Mission Partners in North Africa within the Diocese of Egypt. Visited Egypt six times they undertook a medical assessment hospitals of the medical ministry, also conducted training for Family Medicine doctors in Cairo, Peter and Sarah have a thorough understanding of Islam and working between faiths.

How to book: All you need to do is download McCabe Pilgrims’ booking form below, complete it and return it. Meanwhile. should you have questions or need more information or have a concern, please contact me 

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Hope you can join us 

Joseph Wasef

Honorary Secretary